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Let us "wow" your guests by transforming your room to any color!
Custom Monograms available for any event as well! 


This is our most popular uplight and also the most affordable. Comes with 7 color pre-sets: Red, Green, Blue, Light Blue/Teal, Magenta, Yellow, White (white is tinted kind of greenish-blue). Can be customized to any color outside of presets as well! Always a great choice!

When lighting a whole room, approximately 1 light per every 6-12 feet will do the job beautifully.  Typically looking at where wall power outlets are will help determine placement for lighting as well.

Lights look best when the room is dark. If you've got big windows with sunshine pouring in, its going to wash out the lights completely. Room needs to be dim for the lights to look their best.  Using curtains or drapes on windows will help tremendously.



Monogram lighting is a great way to add a personalized touch to your wedding or event. A gobo projector will put your names, wedding date, special message, logo, artwork, or anything else in lights. The gobo package will be pre-loaded with your custom design.  We will help you create your own custom design. The package comes with everything you need.

The monogram can easily project across a large ballroom and cover an entire wall when the ballroom is dimly lit. For best results, make sure to dim any other lights that are near the area where the gobo will be projected. The darker the room, the better the gobo effect will be.