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Pop Artist and 2 TIME IMEA AWARD WINNER:  Katelyn McCarter

Katelyn McCarter is a rising star and friend of KDP. She was introduced to KD Productions as KD hosted an event one year and after that their relationship grew. Now Katelyn is available for any event!

For more on Katelyn read below and check out www.katelynmccarter.com or www.facebook.com/katelynmccarter.

At the top of “Rough Day,” the upbeat lead single from singer/songwriter Katelyn McCarter’s debut Dreamin’ Out Loud Entertainment album entitled, Beyond Skin Deep, she explains, “as we go through rough days in life but at the end of each day, we must seek God and come to him for support and guidance,” and with simple everyday life issues as: My Clock Is Running Slow/ The Coffee Pot Is Broke/Can’t Find My Keys, And Now My Head Is Achin’/My Rent Is Overdue/My Boyfriend Said We’re Through…“Rough Day,” is indicative of a lyrically relatable and musically sound project. Using life experiences she’s gone through and overcome—relationships, enemies, self-afflicting battles, health issues and more—the multi-talented singer/songwriter—two-time International Music and Entertainment Association Christian Female Vocalist, Christian Entertainer of the Year award-winner and Rebirth Radio’s 2013 Song of the Year and Rising Artist of the Year award winner—is compelled to create music by the invigorating strength and inspiration As a spokesperson for Angels and Doves, an anti-bullying organization, it is only fitting that the 20-something Virginia native name her upcoming studio effort, “Skin Deep,” a project McCarter says is geared towards young people to listen to for inspiration, motivation, self-worth and God’s love. “I find it really important to be inspiring to the young considering how much pressure they receive from social media, social networks etc.,” states McCarter. “I always wanted someone to look up to when I was in my teens so I want to be that image for them”—An exemplification of her selfless efforts and desires to serve God every day through her music and in her daily life activities.  Other enjoyable songs on the album include the title track “Skin Deep,” a song that builds self-esteem and explains that no matter what you’re told, your beauty goes beyond skin deep; “Shining Stars” give you the strength to hold on to love when you’re feeling alone and know that you are a shining star over everything; “Smile,” a very simple yet effective song that says no matter what comes your way, smile; “Never Too Late,” explains that with God’s grace it’s never too late to change who you want to be in life and turn things in your favor; “Reflection of You” explains there are no wrong turns, no dead ends, no break downs, no running out when God is a reflection of you; “Take Me to the King” clarifies that when you’re hurt you need to be with the King of everything; “Celebrate” is a fun song that mentions how we should celebrate happy times; “Always” talks about messing up in life and no matter how many times you mess up, crash and burn God is always there; and “Sweetly Broken,” a worship song explaining what Jesus did for us on the cross making us sweetly broken. A full-time musician, vocal coach and graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University School of Music, sometimes compared to Kelly Clarkson and Natalie Grant, McCarter is capturing the attention of many with her sensational vocal abilities and is quickly establishing her name in the music industry. In every performance, she paints a memorable musical moment for her audience positioning her to be sought out by highly respected top industry reps to collaborate on several projects. Her passion through her music leave the listener certain of her proficiency as a musician, and exceptional as a singer, while her provoking, poignantly crafted music, organically produced, sets her apart as a star in a sea of aspiring singers defining her as a truly talented, budding artist. An approachable, charming girl with an endearing genuine humility and a benevolent spirit, Katelyn McCarter lives every day full of laughter, finding joy easily and always intending to get the most out of every moment. Her refreshing authenticity and natural talent is what make her the new music artist to believe in, and with a wealth of possibilities this award-winning singer continues to leave audiences and critics enthralled proving that her lasting success as a musician is inevitable, as her promising musical journey has only just begun.

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Hip Hop Artist TY DOLLA


Hometown: Bronx NY

Here is the best unknown hip hop artist out there, hailing from The Bronx then later moved to the 315 (Syracuse Ny) Ty Dolla is ready to put the Hip hop world on notice. In a day where lyrics are less and less and bling is king. TY DOLLA puts down lyrics in every manner, from political views, hardcore to smooth vibes remincient of a young LL COOL J. He is versitility at its best.
Ty Dolla has worked with the likes of Freck Billionaire of street fam,
Hi C of Young Bucks Cashvile Records, Cool & Dre and 106 & Parks Posta Boy. He has opened up for Bobby valentino, Fabolous, Sheek of the lox, Red Cafe and a few other hiphop stars. Ty has put in work to become the best the world has seen in a long while. And his hip hop journey has just begun, with the release of his solo album ?AMERICAN ZOMBIE? he has features that range from local hiphop acts like Tallbucks and Cream da General to industry stars like Freck Billionaire and beats by Cool & Dre.
Ty Dolla has been apart of numerous shows and is currently opening for The Last comic rejects Comedy tour for KD Productions. A member of the Get Money Patriots Ty has also recently been putting in alot of work with local star Taj Mahal.So everyone be on notice of the soon to be King of the throne?TY DOLLA